A glimpse of Metaverse- Mark Zuckerberg shared a video

Metaverse demonstration

Rebranding to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg shared a video on its social accounts that threw a few glimpses of Metaverse. In the video, Meta CEO is seen playing fencing with Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer through 3D visualizing technology and that’s what the Meta world do in the next couple of years.

Mark added,
“It’s been fun to imagine the types of experiences the metaverse will unlock, like giving everyone the ability to fence with Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer. Spoiler alert: she will win every time.”

Lee Kiefer shared the same video by tweeting
“Decided to quit my job and become a holographic fencing coach for Mark Zuckerberg.”

That’s just amazing!!!! One can have the experience to play with their favorite ones.

Considering this new technology, a comment popped up “In the Metaverse do we die for real?”
Looks like we are getting away from the real world, emotions, feelings, etc., and stepping into a virtual world. Technology is always good if not abused.