Apple’s Electric Car could be on the streets in 2025

apple's electric car

After several years, Apple’s tech took a giant step toward achieving its launch goal and setting a target of Apple electric car by 2025.

After several years of intermittence on the development of Apple’s electric car, a great project of the company, it could finally be a reality and reach the market by 2025.

The finance company, Bloomberg, reported that after the last appointment of Kevin Lynch, they worked on the autonomous capabilities of the car since it would not have a steering wheel or pedals.

According to the platform, Lynch began working on the Apple project earlier this year. He took charge over the teams that ran the underlying software.

“Now he is supervising the whole group. This also includes hardware engineering and work on autonomous vehicle sensors,” said the employees who preferred to remain anonymous.

This change of leader in the development team generated a bit of uncertainty about the project since 2014; there was intermittent information. During that period, there were some changes in management, layoffs of engineers and changes in their strategies.

Despite Lynch’s extensive career at Apple and his new leadership, it is not yet certain that he will hold his position. Since, in the future, the company could name another as the leader for the development of Project Titan.

apple's electric car

It is not even sure if the goal of launching its autonomous vehicle on the international market by 2025 will be achieved and the date on which the work is supposed to be completed will meet.

On the other hand, Bloomberg pointed out that Apple still has agreements with some senior managers who come from the automotive world. Among them are some executives who previously worked at Tesla.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of 2021, Apple included Ulrich Kranz, a cooperator in the development of electric cars at BMW and co-founder of the autonomous car startup Canoo, in its project.

However, the company continues to work to make its self-driving Apple Car a reality by 2025.

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