Are we alone in the universe or aliens among us?

Aliens are among us

The supposition about aliens being among “us” might be quite correct. However, it requires understanding what the term “alien” means and what kinds of aliens exist.

In the broader definition aliens might be terrestrials as well, maybe in the same shape as humans, kind of an occasionally appearing anomal “self” that has some legs and arms, but doesn’t belong to humankind.

Arthur C. Clarke once said about the universe;
“Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

Elon Musk words on Aliens…

I wonder how many dead one planet civilizations there are out there in the Cosmos?

Maybe they’re among us? I don’t know. It’s funny.

The universe appears to be 13.8 billion years old, like four and a half billion years old, near another half billion years or so, the sun will expand and probably evaporate the oceans and make life impossible on Earth.

This means that if it had taken consciousness 10% longer to evolve, it would never have evolved at all. But I think this is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy is, where are the aliens? Maybe they’re among us?

A question asked in an interview from Elon Musk:-

Do you think we’ll make contact with aliens within the next 15 years?

He replied, “Well, that’s a really tough one to say. What I suggest is this great question called the fermi paradox. Like, where are the aliens? If there are so many planets out there and the universe is almost 14 billion years old, why aren’t the aliens everywhere?”

And this is one of the most perplexing questions. If there are super intelligent aliens out there, they’re probably already observing us.

That would seem quite likely. And we just are not smart enough to realize it.

Any advanced alien civilization that was at all interested in populating the Galaxy, even without exceeding the speed of light.

Even if you’re only moving at, say, 10% or 20% of the speed of light, you could populate the entire Galaxy. And let’s say 10 million years, maybe 20 million years max. This is nothing in the grand scheme of things.


A few more question asked from Musk are the following:

What are the important steps in the evolution of life?

How do you decide that anything is important?

I think the lens of history is a helpful guide here. Over time, things that are less important kind of fall away. One of the most important elements in the history of life itself. What would any such a species say?

Those were really important items. Well, there’s obviously single-cell life, multicellular life, plants, and animals. Things going out of the ocean onto land, having mammals, consciousness. There are about maybe ten or so big ones on that list.

And on that list will also fit the extension of life to multiple planets for the first time. Extending life to another planet is a huge quantum leap. You have to go hundreds of millions of miles across extremely hostile environments to a planet that is completely unlike anything you’ve evolved to live on.

And that’s just really an extremely difficult problem. In fact, I think it’s an impossible problem without the advent of consciousness. So consciousness is a necessary precursor for that.

Consciousness, it’s the next step, actually, because you really kind of need consciousness to design vehicles that can transport life over hundreds of millions of miles of irradiated space to an environment that they did not evolve to exist in.

Basically, if it took an extra 10% longer for conscious life to evolve on Earth, it wouldn’t evolve at all because it would have been incinerated by the sun.

It appears that consciousness is a very rare and precious thing and we should take whatever steps we can to preserve the light of consciousness. And the window has been open only now, after four and a half million years.

Is that window opened? There’s a long time to wait and it might not stay open for long. I’m pretty optimistic by nature, but there’s some chance that window will not be open for long.

I think we should become a MultiPlanet civilization while that window is open and we should do it now.

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