Chilgoza price in Pakistan and its benefits-Bitcoin of Dry Fruits

Pine nuts-Chilgoza

Chilgoza or Pine nuts are a cash crop of Waziristan 🇵🇰, where they have been produced for hundreds of years. Pine nuts from this part of the region are Good in Quality and high in Demand. Over the years, the prices of pine nuts soared to up to Rs. 10,000 per kilogram, which left it out of the reach of a majority of consumers.

Chilgoza Millionaires on the verge of bankruptcy:

Amid the Rampantly surge in Prices of Basic commodities, the price of Chilghoza also known to be Bitcoin of Dry Fruits has been nosediving which has caused losses of Millions of rupees to the farmers of tribal district.

However, the Price of the Dry fruit took a nosedive in the last couple of weeks and Dropped ⚠️ to an all-time low of Rs.3000 per kilogram, Leaving many of the Dealers on the verge of Bankruptcy.

Benefits of Chilgoza:

Wishing each bite is full of health this winter. Chilgoza, known as pine nuts, containing a richness of carbohydrates and proteins are found in the regions of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

Let’s move on to the benefits of this rich pine product:

  • It helps to improve the good cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Promotes the wellbeing of hair
  • Powerhouse Of Antioxidants
  • Help in losing weight
  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease
  • It’s a rich source of omega 6 and has a presence of selenium that helps to prevent Cancer.
  • Used as Energy boosters
  • Producing Pine nut oil that helps in aromatherapy and beauty products.
  • Help with the Management of Diabetes
  • Improving eyesight and strengthen bones.

Due to these lots of benefits, it’s pretty costly. Not only Pine nuts but its seeds as well. The seeds fetch approximately between $ 20 to $53 per kilogram.
The actual price may vary depending on the demand and supply. For online delivery click here.