Fishermen Discovered ‘THE ISLAND OF GOLD’!


Malaysian land is renowned for its golden treasures. The powerful kingdom was disappeared mysteriously a century later.

Recently a crew of fishermen has discovered the site having precious gems, gold rings, coins, and bells of bronze monks of a fabled Indonesian kingdom renowned for its golden treasures on Sumatra. The kingdom’s untold treasure was lost around 700 years ago and there was no estimate about the gem and jewel lost.

In fact, the kingdom itself lost mysteriously and the treasure was the wealth of that empire. According to experts, the empire exist between the 7th to 13th centuries and was drowned as it’s surrounded by water.

Including golden rings and coins, a statue of Buddha full of jewels was also found.

Surprisingly, the kingdom had a strong relationship with India. The pots and pans depict their culture and there would be a chance that they were connected with India, Persia, and a few areas of China.

A British maritime archaeologist has proved that the kingdom was not fictitious. He added that the empire was once known as “Water World”.

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