Israeli Defense Minister orders army to prepare for attack on Iran

attack on iran

FLORIDA: Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has ordered the Zionist army to prepare for an attack on Iran.

According to foreign media, Defense Minister Benny Gantz is on a visit to the United States, where he is working with the United States to increase pressure on Iran.

Israeli media say Defense Secretary Benny Gantz has ordered the military to prepare for a possible attack on Iran and has also informed US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin of preparations for an attack on Iran.

Referring to the world powers’ nuclear talks with Iran, the Israeli defense minister said that the world’s nuclear negotiations with Iran had not concluded to any results. The international community knew that Iran was dodging them.

The Israeli Defense Minister said that there is a need to increase military pressure on Iran, for which the Zionist army has been ordered to be ready for a strike.

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