Pakistan won the T20 series but not awarded with the Trophy


Pakistan beat Bangladesh 3-0 in the T20 series but the Green Shirts were not given the trophy. It’s a tradition of cricket that the winning team is awarded a trophy but instead of displaying the trophy in the last match, it’s not awarded to the Pakistan Cricket Team as they won the series by 3-0.

A video has been shared by the Pakistan Cricket Board of the post-match presentation, in which one can clearly see that Green shirts are standing with the winner’s board but the trophy of the series is nowhere to be seen and the players are only taking pictures with the board.

According to sources, the Bangladesh Cricket Board said that the T20 series trophy will be handed over to Pakistan at the end of the Test series.

Bangladesh Cricket Board sources laid the reason behind it that the chairman of the Bangladesh Cricket Board was not available at that moment, so the trophy will be handed over to Team Pakistan. The trophy will only be handed over to Pakistan at the end of the Test series.

It should be noted that the two-Match Test series between Pakistan and Bangladesh is starting on November 26.

Few reports are there that the head of the Bangladesh Cricket Board is not part of the biosecurity bubble, so he did not join yesterday to hand over the trophy.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has already informed PCB management about their decision before the match.

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