Pakistan’s first ever Plastic Road built in Islamabad

Plastic road

The country’s first-ever plastic road was constructed in the federal capital Islamabad.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed inaugurated Pakistan’s first-ever eco-friendly plastic road in Islamabad on Monday.

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul has posted pictures of the first plastic road on social media.

She said that the country’s first road has been made of Plastic in Islamabad. The road is made of 8 to 10 tons of used Plastic, she added.

The first plastic road has been built on Ataturk Avenue in Islamabad.

People on Twitter appreciated this good work. The Plastic road is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and a solution to the scourge of plastics. The government should take steps to recycle plastics and for the positive use of Plastic, such as roads, bricks, and other materials.

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