The Princess Tower Dubai-3rd Tallest Skyscraper in the world

The Princess Tower

The Princess Tower is the first residential tallest skyscraper in Dubai, having a stunning and prime location, neighboring Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab. You can have an amazing view of the Persian Gulf without any building blockage in front.

The architectural height of Princess Tower is 414 meters (1358 ft), measured to the tip of its spire from the ground. Guinness World Records recognized the tower as the World’s Tallest Residential Building in May 2012. But soon after three years, In 2015, The title of the world’s tallest residential building was then overtaken by the 426-meter-tall 432 Park Avenue in New York City.

The Princess Tower Dome:

The big design achievement might just be what’s on top of the building, the Crownlike Dome, which likely takes inspiration from the property’s name. This Dome is made of steel and aluminum and weighs 110 tons. That’s around the way of 17 Tyrannosaurus Rexes. The Dome wasn’t in the original design. In fact, the name Princess Tower was given to represent the building’s luxurious design.

The Princess Tower dome

Originally, the skyscraper was going to be called Al-Ameera Tower. One of the biggest hurdles for the project was to get water to the residences at the top of the tower. The designers had to picture the tower as though it was actually made of four buildings stacked on top of each other. Otherwise, they would need a way to flush a massive amount of pressure through the building. To help with this, Chief Development Officer John Zwetz stated that there would be a water transfer station every 25th or 28th floor.

During peak construction, there were around 2500 workers on site, according to sources. To Transfer this amount of people from the residential area to the main building site was the same as relocating a small town every morning and evening.

The cost to construct and to stay at Princess Tower:

The cost of such a grand project was originally estimated to be around 210,000,000, yet later estimations boosted the construction costs significantly to $2.17 billion. Spread through the building are 763 luxury apartments that are all pet-friendly. There is various size of boats from one to four bedrooms available.

The penthouses even overlook the wealthy area of Palm Jumeirah. The cost of these penthouses will set you back a fair amount. Currently, a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom penthouse with maids, an office, two living rooms, and comes fully furnished is on the market for nearly 2.6 million. But if renting is preferred, the exact same penthouse currently costs around $157,000 per year.

There are also cheaper apartments to purchase. A one-bedroom and two-bathroom residence in the tower can cost around $182,000.

Safety Measures:

Due to the massive height of the building, the apartments had come with many safety features. Those up high with larger balconies have a special wind detection system installed by engineers.

The device checks the current wind speed at their altitude. If it reaches a certain speed, the balcony doors won’t open. Hopefully, no one is on the balconies when this happens. But if it does, the hotel has 24 hours security and front desk assistants to help out the residents. To ease the burden of the tower’s massive height, a tuned sloshing damper tank was installed on the roof.

This device compensates for the building’s movement and makes it less jarring for residents to make it easier to traverse the many floors.

The water leakage in the Princess Tower:

The skyscraper is fitted with 13 elevators from the Finnish engineering company Coney. However, in 2013, a massive water leak in the tower caused a chain reaction that meant all the elevators stopped working. It took 96 hours for elevators to be operational again. Hope you stocked up on Jesus.

The tallest penthouse is on floor 96. On the 97th floor is the Sky Lounge. This area can be used by residents and guests to take in the stunning panoramic sights while enjoying the high-speed free WiFi. The floor also has space that can be rented out for events and an observation deck with the highest average temperatures hitting 36 Celsius or 96 Fahrenheit in the summer months in Dubai, residents of Princess Tower will be delighted to know about the air-conditioned apartments, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs throughout the building.


Hot tubs when it’s 96 degrees outside. Yes. What a relief. There’s also a fully equipped gym, a sauna, an electronic games room, table, tennis courts, and a billiards room. The tower even offers a children’s nursery for drivers.

Each apartment has at least one parking space guaranteed in the underground garage. Altogether, there are 957 parking bays available for the residents beyond Dubai.