Unusual incident of passengers pushing a plane when a tire explodes


You may have seen people pushing a lousy car or a mini truck on the side of the road, but moving a plane by hand seems strange.

One such incident occurred at Bajura Airport in Nepal, where a plane’s tire exploded while landing on the runway.

The aircraft came to a halt in the middle of the runway due to a flat tire, and the passengers decided to disembark and push it aside.

According to local media, a passenger said that the plane captain was looking worried. He contacted the airport management but got no response. We decided to push the plane to the side with our help.

When the video of the unique event became popular on social media, the social media users got surprised. The video was viewed by millions of users in just a few hours, with some interesting comments.

One passenger tweeted that “Kolti Airport in Bajura, a remote district of Nepal. This is a domestic airport where small planes come and go. Passengers are pushing and shoving themselves when the plane does not start. This is a video of a true event.”

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