Women’s hair trade in Pakistan-a growing business

Women hair trade

Human hair is one of the most versatile assets in the world.

Considering facts, the global wig, weave, and hair trade market are worth around $7B — and it’s projected to grow to more than $10 billion by 2024.

Albeit strange, the ladies brushed-out hair trade is gradually turning into a significant wellspring of procuring on the grounds that it brings excessive costs in the worldwide magnificence market.

The hair is in the long run traded to China, where it is utilized for making hairpieces like wigs and to craft artwork.

A hair gatherer, Zubair Arshad, let The Express Tribune know that they lean toward hair that drops out while brushing, as it makes the best quality hairpieces. He added he is consistently watching out for great quality hair, which they buy for Rs4,000 per kg from ladies in the country.

The gatherer shared that he normally offers hair to vendors for Rs7,000 per kg, and a group of these vendors offer them to the custom clearing specialists for up to Rs10,000 per kg. The custom specialists then, at that point, supply them to China at Rs15,000 per kg – flaunting enormous overall revenues for every one of those involved.

Another hair gatherer, Nadeem Khan, reported to The Express Tribune, he doesn’t gather the hair that is trimmed at salons or salons, as they are of no use for them.

women hair trade

All things being equal, hair that normally drops out from follicles comprises their meat and potatoes.

A hair seller, Mushtaq Khan, said he was engaged with the business for the beyond three years, and that it was turning out to be more well known as time passes. He said that before, ladies used to waste hair, however presently, they like to save it in shopping packs.

He said that practically all salons figured out how to hoard around a one-kg month to month, getting around 250grams per client.

Khan said the business had become very well known in Pakistan, and the wigs made of hair drop out now sell around Rs25,000 – Rs100,000 in the country.

In conclusion, he said that up to 10 cargo were shipped off China from Islamabad International Airport (IIA) three times each week.

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